Worming Your Horse or Pony

Worming your horse or pony is an important part of horse care and should be incorporated into your routine along with hoof trimming/shoeing, dental visits and vet check ups. Ideally your horse should be wormed at the same time as any other horses it lives with to prevent re-infestation. Use a good quality wormer that protects against most species of parasite. If your horse comes into contact with other horses it will need to be wormed more regularly than a horse that lives on its own or doesn’t go out. Other means of parasite control such as manure management, strip grazing and cross grazing with other animals should also be looked at.

Ideally worming should be every eight weeks, and every year it is important to change the active ingredient in the horses’ wormer. The active ingredient can either be a ‘mectin’ base such as Ivermectin or an ‘azole’ base such as Oxfendazole. Switching between brands is not always the best way to go, as they could still have the same active ingredient.

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