How to Tie a Rope Halter

A rope halter is a great training and everyday handling tool when it is correctly fitted and tied. In comparison to a webbing or leather halter a rope halter is relatively thin so can help reduce the risk of the handler being pulled around by a headstrong horse.

It is important to remember when tying a rope halter that first of all it must be the right size for the horse in question and sit up off the nostrils and behind the jowl. It is preferable not to leave these halters on in the paddock as the horse could get it hooked on a protruding object.

Tying the knot on the left side of the horse is relatively simple and involves threading the end of the headpiece through the loop provided, then pointing the ‘tail’ of the halter towards the tail of the horse. After that step make a loop out of the tail end below where it feeds through the first loop then run the ‘tail’ of the rope through the second loop and towards the tail of the horse one more time.

Be prepared for the knot to loosen a bit when it is done and tuck any remaining ‘tail’ into the rope halter below the jowl, so it does not hang loose.

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