Rug Fitting / Sizing Chart

Rug fitting and sizing can be a complex thing and varies from horse to horse and different rug brands. Our Eurohunter rugs tend to be fairly true to size and fit most horses from light frames to heavy frames.

With a winter rug it is okay for it to be a bit looser to allow the horse to move about and a good synthetic rug will have surcingle straps around the belly for added support. Some problems with shoulders rubbing can be related to the rug fit and it is always good to check the type of rug you are using fits around the shoulders and through the body. A synthetic rug generally rubs less than a canvas rug.

A summer rug is a rug designed to keep your horse clean and cool during the hotter months of the year and needs to fit correctly to be comfortable and functional for the horse. It is usually a case of you get what you pay for. The rug needs to be strong enough to withstand daily life in the paddock by light enough to not be too hot.

Click here to see what one of our suppliers, Skye Park, write about fitting a rug.

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Academy Canvas Winter Rug- our best seller
Economical ripstop winter canvas rug Bush blanket lining Single surcingle Leg straps Shou..
Ex Tax: $AUD69.95
Eurohunter 5000 Eskimo Combo
Next Generation design incorporated with the exclusive Aquabreathe 5000 waterproof breathable techno..
Ex Tax: $AUD229.95
Eurohunter Airflow Combo
Soft 260gsm Diamond Ripstop material Strong 230gsm soft mesh fabric for flow through ventilatio..
$AUD89.95 $AUD74.95
Ex Tax: $AUD74.95
Eurohunter Cool Air Combo
The Eurohunter Cool Air is the ideal summer rug for both indoors and out. Made from a high qua..
Ex Tax: $AUD79.95
Eurohunter Taffeta Chest Bib
Made from sofe feel teffeta Sizes: Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Full or Warmblood. ..
Ex Tax: $AUD24.95
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