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In Life many people make claims about what they can do. At Equestrian Excellence one of our many sayings is “Judge people by their results”


At Equestrian Excellence we have been privileged to work with some great people within the entertainment industry:
David Atkins, Iganatius Jones, Lee Kernaghan, Georgie Parker, Steve Bisley

Olympic Games
-Who could forget that magic moment -when the Lone horseman galloped into centre stage and with a rear and a crack of the whip signaled the beginning of the 2000 Olympics. That was Steve and Ammo
-Not only was Steve seen by 4.5 billion people when he performed in the Opening Ceremony, he also entertained crowds of 30,000 at the Olympic Equestrian events with his magnificent Black Stallion, Jamieson
-Steve was instrumental in testing the safety of the Olympic venue, as well helping select and train the 120 riders in the ‘Welcome’ Segment, Olympic Opening Ceremony

Asian Games – Opening and Closing Ceremony
An amazing feat, watched by 4 billion people around the world, that had never been done live anywhere in the world, horse and rider gallop up a 60metre long ramp at 26degrees to light the cauldron at the Opening ceremony of the 2006 Asian Games. Read more >

Australian Opera "Carmen" 
Jamieson and Drummer star at the Sydney Opera house and Melbourne Arts Centre in the Opera 'Carmen'. Read more >

Man from Snowy river Arena Spectacular
The audience dissolved into tears during the ‘Horse Whispering’ scene. 
Drummer (the colt) and Martin Cruz (the man), are both trained by Equestrian Excellence
As well as training the liberty horses, Steve’s role was to act as the ‘Breaker’

- The laughter and disbelief of ‘Mans First Ride’
- The beautifully choreographed ballet segment ‘Dancing with horses’, where Steve and his 10 year old daughter Ashleigh danced together. > read all about Steve's training at Equitana 

We are experts at putting our horses into pressured situations. They have been in some pretty amazing places;
- Forecourt of the Opera House on New Years Eve, when the fireworks were in full swing
- Sydney Night Club.
- Anzac Military Tattoo with the Bands playing behind them.
- Bareback with no bridle with Melbourne trams running along each side
- rearing up inside the Sydney Stock exchange
- cantering through the foyer of the Sydney Entertainment centre
- standing on the ‘sunstage’ (Asian Games) 40 metres above the ground with no safety net
- We have had helicopters flying over their heads, lifted them up on fork lifts and moved them in flying boxes.

Anti-Bullying Presentations

"There is no room for bullies in this team"

Everyone knows someone who has been the victim of a bully. Bullying is a huge issues in schools. We have developed an innovative new presentation using the animals to give the children the message that 'Bullying is not acceptable'. The programme has had great success in schools, both with students and teachers. The children can really relate to the animals, they see their behaviour in the animals and in this way the message is easily identifiable by the kids.


Steve has been involved with Equitana Australia from its very inception in 1999, as both a lecturer and entertainer.

Steve regularly Travels around Australia conducting progressive two day clinics.

He is sought after as a Speaker at conferences. In 2009 Steve was invited as one of only a small group of Australian trainers to lecturer at the International Science Conference in Sydney.

Trainer to the NSW Mounted Police


We make our entertainment both entertaining and informative.


Our horses and dogs are extremely well educated and trained for any situation. Our animals perform at liberty and trained to perform a multitude of tricks. 
We specialize in problem horses from race horses to kids ponies

If time permits in our busy schedule we love to compete. All our horses have enjoyed major wins in Stock horse classes, eventing and dressage.

Equine litigation specialist
Steve has been employed as an expert witness for litigation cases involving horse related activities. He is available for consultation for any legal matters involving equine based law suits.

Steven Jefferys Saddle Range

The Steven Jefferys range of saddles was designed by Steve to satisfy a number of issues which Steve required from a saddle.

He required;

1. A saddle to fit a large variety of horses backs
2. it had to spread the load evenly over a larger than normal areas of the horses backs
3. It had to give support yet allow the rider to rise up and forward in the saddle in order to enhance the schooling of a variety of horses from various disciplines
4. The saddle has to sit close to the horse’s back with fenders rather than traditional stirrup leathers in order to protect the riders legs during long hours of work.
5. Above all other criteria was the over riding requirement that the stirrups be positioned correctly to ensure the riders position would be correct and balanced.
6. Has to encourage the riders seat to open at the hips in order to position the lower legs correctly in contact with the horses rib cage leaving the riders shoulders and hips positioned comfortably over their ankles.

Contact Us

Telephone (02) 43522266
Steve's mobile 0418 207 345
Sandy's mobile 0411 871 063





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