How Do I Care for My Driza-Bone?


Driza-Bone’s signature garments are coats and jackets made from its Original Oilskin fabric. The sturdy 100% cotton fabric is coated with Driza-Bone’s uniquely formulated oil and wax finish, which gives the Oilskin its distinctive weatherproof and breathable character. As a specialised garment, the Driza-Bone needs special attention to maintain its weatherproof qualities. The following care instructions will help prolong the life of your favourite Driza-Bone. Before you buy a Driza-Bone Oilskin garment, make sure you choose the right size, as stretched seams may allow water to penetrate.


• Follow the washing/care instructions attached to the inside of the garment.

• DO NOT wash with detergent or hot water. This removes the oil and wax, which are crucial to the Oilskin’s waterproof qualities.

• When garment gets soiled, sponge down outer fabric with cold water and brush off dirt and marks. 

• When garment is extremely dirty, hand-wash in cold water using pure soap only (e.g. Driza-Bone Wool/Oilskin Detergent, Sunlight or Lux). Please note that it is essential to reproof the garment after any washing. 

• After washing, rinse well (hang garment outside on clothesline and hose down).

• Hang in a well-ventilated area until completely dry.

• DO NOT hang on radiators, expose to naked flame or use artificial heat to dry. Once completely dry, the garment will need reproofing with Driza-Bone Oilskin Re-Proofer (tin). 

• DO NOT dry clean, starch or iron as this will harm the fabric.

• DO NOT use machine to wash, handwash only.


With wear over time, the oil and wax on the Oilskin fabric will naturally dry out.

We recommend regular monthly checks to prevent dryness and promote longevity.

At Driza-Bone we offer two types of re-proofing products for Oilskin care.


• For re-proofing of small products (i.e. hats, bags and dog coats) or small sections of Oilskin garments

• No heating required, user can spray direct on the product

• Easy to apply


• For re-proofing Oilskin garments

• One 400ml tin will reproof one long Riding Coat

• Wax compound needs to be heated and melted before use

• Re-proofing process can be a bit messy, however, it seals the garment properly and effectiveness is guaranteed

• Use only genuine Driza-Bone Re-proofer, as substitutes may harm the garment. DO NOT use any leather care goods to treat your Oilskin garments, as the Oilskin has different properties to leather.

• The Driza-Bone Re-proofer (tin) is an oil/wax compound that needs to be heated up by placing the tin in hot water (with the lid off). This will liquefy the dressing, which is essential for easy and effective application. DO NOT place tin in microwave.

• Place garment on a flat surface and apply garment dressing using a soft bristled paintbrush or sponge. Pay particular attention to crucial areas such as shoulders, neck seams and places subject to friction (e.g., pockets and creases in sleeves and knees).

• After re-proofing, hang garment out in the sun on a warm day, or use the heat of a blow-dryer on a low setting, spreading the heat evenly over the coat as this helps the oil penetrate the garment.

• After drying, place garment on a strong hanger and leave to cool.

• Your Driza-Bone coat will now be rejuvenated.


• Always store your Oilskin garment in a dry, well-ventilated area. DO NOT place in a cupboard or plastic bag for long periods of time, otherwise it will become mouldy. If your Oilskin has become mouldy, we recommend hanging it under full sun for a couple of weeks. If garment is still mouldy, hand-wash with pure soap and re-proof.

• The oil and wax proofing on your garment keeps you nice and dry, but can also rub off on other fabrics, furnishings and garments, so please be careful when wearing or storing your coat, and do not place next to porous surfaces.

• DO NOT stitch through or repair the outside of the fabric unless absolutely necessary. If repairs need to be made, please make sure the area is re-proofed after repairing to prevent leaking.

Driza-Bone Sizing Chart for Riders and Dogs



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