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Helen Langehanenberg and Prestige - Making Waves at WEG 2014

The international dressage community recently celebrated the beginning of a new era, as the top three medal winners showed a softness and harmony which has inspired millions and confirmed the importance of good basic training with reference to the progressive training scale.

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Prestige Atena Race Saddle
Following the great success of the Atena saddle, the Atena Race model is now available. Its new desi..
Ex Tax: $AUD3,495.00
Prestige Desert Light Saddle
A typical competition saddle, the Desert Light features the latest in technical advances and materia..
Ex Tax: $AUD2,260.00
Prestige Endurance Stirrup Irons
This lightweight Endurance Stirrup Irons comes with safety cage for an extra level of security. ..
Ex Tax: $AUD165.00
Prestige Leather Balsam
With its natural components and pleasant fragrance, hydrates, provides protection from water, revita..
Ex Tax: $AUD36.50
Prestige Lucky Dressage Saddle
The idea behind Lucky Dressage was to meet the needs of young riders with a saddle that would provid..
Ex Tax: $AUD2,295.00
Prestige Lux Saddle Pads
The Prestige Lux saddle pad provides the utmost breathability, comfort, alergy resistant and shock a..
Ex Tax: $AUD129.95
Prestige Meredith LUX Saddle - 1 of the World's BEST Jump Saddles
The exclusive jump saddle was developed by Prestige with the top jump rider Meredith Michaels-Beerba..
Ex Tax: $AUD4,495.00
Prestige MG Stirrups
Made from magnesium, with an option of two heavy/light metal treads which are interchangeable by a q..
Ex Tax: $AUD279.95
Prestige Michel Robert Evolution Saddle
The Michel Robert Evolution has a more anatomical form in order to offer the rider more comfort duri..
Ex Tax: $AUD4,295.00
Prestige Non Stretch Stirrup Leathers
These elegantly made stirrup leathers are made from a non stretch nylon covered in quality Italian l..
Ex Tax: $AUD169.95
Prestige Optimax Saddle-lux leather
An excellent saddle that provides extra contact by its deep seat without giving up the comfort affor..
Ex Tax: $AUD5,195.00
Prestige Roma Dressage Saddle
A new dressage saddle. Thanks to its large blocks and its anatomical knee pads, Roma Dressage is a s..
Ex Tax: $AUD2,395.00
Prestige Roma Jump Saddle
The ROMA JUMP is a saddle with a medium deep seat and a narrow twist. The flap projections are eithe..
Ex Tax: $AUD2,295.00
Prestige Roma VSD General Purpose Saddle
This saddle has a deep seat and a round cantle which makes it suitable to flat work. This saddle is ..
Ex Tax: $AUD2,395.00
Prestige Silk Stirrups
The Prestige Silk Stirrup is constructed with light polyamide material with a summer/winter bas..
$AUD259.95 $AUD199.00
Ex Tax: $AUD199.00
Prestige Split End Girth
Dressage girth with elastic split ends and centred D. Sizes: 50 to 90cm ..
Ex Tax: $AUD195.00
Prestige T.Tec Synthetic Boots Fetlock
Titanium dioxide inserts for improved impact resistance. High scratch and impact resistant TPU techn..
Ex Tax: $AUD199.95
Prestige T.Tec Synthetic Boots Tendon
Titanium dioxide inserts for improved impact resistance. High scratch and impact resistant TPU techn..
Ex Tax: $AUD209.95
Prestige Thermal Riser Pad
The Riser pad is thermo sensitive and adjust shape to the horse's back as a result of the heat gener..
Ex Tax: $AUD75.00
Prestige Trapezium Pad
The Trapezium Pad offers the possibility to use the saddle with a wider withers bar, by allowing mor..
Ex Tax: $AUD89.95
Prestige Venezia Jump Saddle‏
A versatile saddle that is extremely comfortable for the rider thanks to its new seat, which is now ..
Ex Tax: $AUD2,995.00
Prestige Venus K Saddle
The Venus K is a mono flap dressage saddle that ensures you have fantastic contact with the horse an..
Ex Tax: $AUD4,795.00
Prestige X-Helen Dressage Saddle
The Prestige X-Helen dressage saddle has been developed for the German champion Helen Langehanenberg..
Ex Tax: $AUD4,495.00
Prestige X-Helen K Dressage Saddle-monoflap
The Prestige X-Helen K Dressage saddle has been developed for the German champion Helen Langehanenbe..
Ex Tax: $AUD4,895.00
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