Saddle Fitting Consultation process and Consultants

At Bonnetts Saddleworld we offer a saddle fitting consultation process in which we visit you and your horse or pony. This assessment covers a wide range of issues.

Bonnetts saddle fitting service Bonnetts Saddleworld offer a mobile saddle fitting service. We come to you and your horse or pony and can fit your existing saddle It doesn't matter what style or brand of saddle that you have, whether it is new or second hand, our experienced team of saddle fitters will give you advice on what the best options are for you and your horse or pony. This may mean alterations and fine tuning to your existing saddle or to provide you with some options that suit you, your horse or pony and your budget. A change of horse or pony does not necessarily mean that your existing saddle will fit. If you are unsure please contact our experienced and nationally accredited team to discuss your options. This can be via direct visit, a phone consultation or via email. Bonnetts Saddleworld - committed to assisting you to obtain the best riding experience for your horse or pony. Every horse and pony is different and we offer customised individual service where the horse or pony is the number one priority. we look at each horse and pony and wonder what are they thinking ?? and how can we make them feel more comfortable and enjoy the riding experience better.

We look at  

1 - Conformation

Your horse and ponies conformation is where we start the consultation. This assessment considers the age, condition of the horse or pony, top line profile, muscular and skeletal structure, history of the horse or pony in terms of performance, health history including sore spots, fitness, leg analysis, hoof discussion and overall performance.

2 - Saddle selection
Some saddles will not be suitable for some horses and ponies for a variety of reasons.  After an analysis of the horse or pony our accredited saddle fitters will go through the saddle options and the reasons why some are better options than others. 

Your horse or pony is our number one priority and our challenge is to ensure we select a saddle that suits the horse, pony and rider.


Saddle fitting consultants.

Sheryl James has over 35 years experience as a horse rider, Sheryl is also an accredited saddle fitter with qualifications through the Saddleworld Australia TAFE saddle fitting course. Sheryl is also a trained saddler who understands saddle trees, saddle panels and what can be adjusted on saddles to be customised to suit individual horses or ponies.

Gary Slack has 35 years experience as a fully quailified and accredited Saddler and Harness maker. He is also a fully accredited saddle fitter with accreditiation through the Saddleworld Australia TAFE saddle fitting course as well as the International Prestige Saddle fitting course levels 1 and 2. Gary has been fitting saddles for over 35 years and being a fully qualified saddler as well brings complete equestrian expertise to each consultation.   


To organise your own saddle fitting consultation please contact us, either via email,phone or coming into the store !

Email us at

Phone Numbers:

Freecall: 1800 62 1843

Evandale: 08 8362 4778

Gawler: 08 8522 7811

Mount Barker: 08 8398 2425


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