Step By Step Walk through of our Saddle Fitting Process

This process applies for ponies and horses, all shapes and sizes.


Pony standing on flat ground ready for a saddle fitting            Finding the position of the scapula


Clearly identifying the back of the scapula and the base        Once the measure position has been identified you can 
base of the trapezius muscle                                                      place the gullet measurement tool in to place


Gullet measurement tool firmly placed on the pony's          Saddle measurement tool showing the height profile 
back in a vertical position                                                    on the pony


Showing the point of the shoulder                                                Find the back rib and from here you can check the 
                                                                                           length of saddle that is suitable for the pony


Move back two ribs and this will give you the approx.              When positioning the saddle you must always use two
position of the Thorasic spine ending and the start of the            hands, your right hand on the pommel pushing down on
lumbar part of the spine                                                                 the saddle and your left hand pushing the saddle back so
                                                                                                           that you clear the horse's scapula


You will be surprised how easily the saddle will position         Once in position you should be able to place your fingers
itself for freedom of the horse's shoulder                                      behind the scapula and in front of the saddle

Clearance over the spine is crucial. You need three finger clearance or 4 to 5 cm from the base of the saddle channel to the top of the horse's spine. For dressage saddles you do not need quite as much clearance as there is less downwards impact pressure from the rider.

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