Saddle Cloths

Saddle cloths are a very under rated area when it comes to saddle fitting and the horse or pony performance. If you look at the back shape or contours of the horse or pony, not one of them has a straight back. There is a contour and shaping that we need to shape the saddle pad to if we want the best fit and maximum comfort and safety.

There are 3 pressure points on any saddle cloth;

1- The binding at the front of the saddle cloth

2- The binding at the back of the saddle cloth

3- The high point of the wither

In special cases a saddle cloth will need to be made to suit some horses which we offer a tailor made service for those special shaped horse and ponies. We find a lot of the saddle cloths like the Eurohunter and Grainge cloths fit really well of the shelf. Check your saddle cloth and see how it fits your horse or pony !

Thickness is another issue. Too many customers have thick pads under their saddles but how can you FEEL or have a connection with your horse or pony??

When purchasing a saddle always advise us whether or not you intend to use a pad or half numnah underneath as this will affect how the saddle will need to be set up.


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Bonnetts Cotton Dressage Saddle Pad
Bonnetts contoured cotton dressage saddle pad designed to ensure maximum comfort for your horse. Min..
Ex Tax: $AUD59.95
Bonnetts Deluxe Woollen Saddle Pad- Rectangular
Bonnetts deluxe woollen saddle pads are made from some of the highest quality wool material her..
Ex Tax: $AUD79.95
Bonnetts Freedom Mover Woollen Saddle Pad
Bonnetts Freedom Mover Woolen saddle pads are a must for under any half breed style saddle whether i..
$AUD130.00 $AUD109.95
Ex Tax: $AUD109.95
Bonnetts Kids Saddle Pad
These kids saddle pads are perfect for the first saddle or pony pad. Great colour range and made ..
Ex Tax: $AUD49.95
Bonnetts Woolen Contoured Dressage Saddle Pad
Bonnetts deluxe woolen dressage saddle pad that is contoured to suit your horses back shape for maxi..
Ex Tax: $AUD110.00
Eurohunter Cotton Drill All Purpose Saddlecloth
Exceptional quality. All purpose or Dressage saddleclotg made from cotton drill featuring contoured ..
Ex Tax: $AUD36.95
Grainge Dressage Saddlecloth
A beautiful dressage saddlecloth, which is shaped to provide wither relief and comfort to your horse..
Ex Tax: $AUD49.95
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