Saddle Care + Maintenance

Saddle Care and Maintenance

This is a crucial area that is very often overlooked by customers.

1-Synthetic saddles- do NOT use detergent on them at all as it will make them squeak. Just use water!!!!

2-Suede on the leather seats- it is critical that no oil is used on this area at all as it will stain and remain there forever. Silicone Fabric protector spray, that we sell, is brilliant for this as it seals the leather without discolouring. Cleaning is best done with a stiff brush and then re-apply the spray.

3- All leather saddles have different thicknesses of leather in different parts and therefore some will absorb more oil and dressing than others. It is important that you know about this when purchasing your saddle.

Oils will darken most leather, whereas crème will usually retain the original colour with only a slight darkening.

Black leather saddles are easier to keep the same colour whereas tan and brown saddles will usually show slight variations in the colour once dressed with oil or crème.

4-All saddles need to be dressed all over before putting on your horse and going riding. It is vital for the look and the care of the leather. Initially it takes a bit of time but it will keep your saddle looking great and staying in its best condition for as long as possible. Always make sure that you have a soft cloth and dressing with you as part of your kit. Once the saddle is up and running then a regular quick wipe over with saddle soap and then reapply the dressing so that it is ready to go the next time you ride.

All leather needs to be nourished to ensure its protection and longevity. All saddles need to be dressed all over before putting on a horse or pony and you go riding.
Once the top surface of the leather has been rubbed off you cannot get it back and the condition and value of the saddle will be compromised.
Please dress all exposed leather parts including in the saddle channel and under the saddle flaps.
The regularity with which the saddle requires dressing relates to usage and weather conditions.
Too much dressing makes the saddle sticky may rot the stitching, too little dressing will leave the saddle dry and easily damaged.
If unsure
Ease consult with one of our experienced team members.

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