Saddle Twisting

This is quite common and happens for due to a few reasons and in no particular order.

1 - The saddle panels are not symmetrical; this can happen over time and it continually gets worse as once there is an imbalance it keeps going. The only action here is for the saddle to be repacked by our fully qualified and accredited saddlers.

2 - The rider is not symmetrical. Quite often a rider has one leg shorted than the other; they favour one side more than another even without realizing. It is only usually once they have seen the chiropractor that this is discovered. Just watch the rider sit in the saddle and then as they rider how they will favour one side. Most customers are not aware of it until it is pointed out to them. A solution here is to stand up in the stirrup so that you can then rebalance.

Recognition of the issue is the vital element here so that an action plan can be developed.

3 - Most common is the horse is out of alignment due to the rider usually favouring working the horse more in one direction than evenly both sides. Fixing this takes a time and effort and is not a short solution. Knowing about it is the first step, working out a corrective plan is next - sticking to it is the challenge!

The reward is a better balanced horse that will perform better and give a much better ride and enjoyment to the rider.

The best solution for this from our point of view is that the saddle must be kept symmetrical. So the adjustment must be in the saddle pad that is underneath. This is where the balance pads are brilliant, in that we can set the pad up to suit the unbalanced horse and this can be monitored over time to allow for any changes in the horses conformation.

End solution
If you are unsure please discuss this with any of experienced saddle fitting team.


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