Zac Singlehurst

Zac Singlehurst is a leading Australian vaulter.

Zac’s profile and achievements

I was was born on the 2nd July 1996 and have been involved in Equestrian Vaulting since I was 11 years old. I was introduced to vaulting at Pony Club, and not looked back.

I am currently a FEI three star individual vaulter and have qualified for the 2014 World Equestrian Games.  I gained my qualifying score at the Adelaide CVI held in March 2014 riding Iramoo Megabyte. I am also a current member of the National High Performance Squad for Individual Vaulting.

Competition Achievements:

* I first travelled overseas in 2008 as part of an international cultural exchange. Two teams of vaulters travelled, trained and competed in competitions in Germany.

* One my major achievements so far was representing Australia at the Junior European Championships in Pezinok, Slovakia 2012.

* Before the 2012 European Junior Championships, I spent 12 weeks competing and training in Germany and Austria. Competing Internationally in Hungary, Budapest Junior CVI 2* and Germany Junior CVI 2* in 2012.

* CVI Ecclesmachen, Scotland (12th - 14th July) Junior CVI 2* in 2013.

* I won the Senior Male CVI 2* competition and qualified for 3* at the 2013 Sydney Equestrian Vaulting Championships/CVI on my horse Iramoo Megabyte.

* Current South Australian Male Champion 2014

* Qualified for the World Equestrian Games 2014 at the Adelaide CVI 3*

* Competed at the Ermelo CVI 3* held in the Netherlands, competing with some of the best men in the world.

* Competed with Mckeira Cummings QLD in the Junior pairs CVI2*, placing first.

Other Achievements

* Won the ESA Youth Scholarship for vaulting in 2012, 2013

* South Australian Male Champion in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014

* South Australian Junior Male Vaulter of the Year in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

My Horses

My main competition horse is Lanky (Iramoo Megabyte). He is an 18.1 hh Cleveland Bay Cross. Lanky was presented Best Individual Vaulting Horse of the Championships at the 2011 and 2013 National Vaulting Championships and was also nominated for Equestrian Australia’s Domestic Horse of the year 2012. Lanky has also been awarded the ESA Best Individual Vaulting Horse

2011, 2012 and 2013. I am also training another horse. Noodle is a 17.2 Cleveland Bay cross who is taking to this sport really well.

I spend as much time riding my two horses as vaulting on them. As the horse contributes 25% of the competition score it is vital to develop consistent balanced, submissive and supply paces. We also love to Jump and attend dressage, all an important part of developing a strong, healthy horse for vaulting.

2014 Goals

I have qualified to compete at the World Equestrian games in 2014. I am very hopeful that I will be selected to represent Australia. I will not take my own horse, so will borrow a horse from Germany.

I am also working with my pairs partner Mckeira Cummings from Queensland and we are working together to compete at Nationals 2014 and to qualify for Senior Worlds in 2016.

International Coaches

* Devon Maitoza has competed in every world championship since 1992, and out of the ten World Championships he has vaulted in, he has been on the podium with a medal around his neck for seven of them, culminating in winning a vaulting gold medal at the World Equestrian Games in Rome, Italy in 1998. He is still the only American male to ever win a world championships medal, let alone gold.

* Jacques Ferrari has a unique style when he competes, which he believes is not always popular with the judges. "What I like is the artistic part. This desire to give the audience a show means I sometimes flirt with the limits. Sometimes I do not fit into the criteria." (, 30 Jul

2013) He runs Ferrari Jacques Coaching, which offers vaulting classes as well as personal and fitness coaching. He is also involved in music production. (, 31 Jul 2013)

What is Equestrian Vaulting?

Vaulting is gymnastics on horseback and combines the skills of both gymnastics and horsemanship. It provides for both individual and also for team participation in sport. Vaulting improves a rider's seat, balance, rhythm and coordination as well as their confidence on the horse. In many clubs in Europe a period of vaulting is a prerequisite to riding.

Vaulters perform compulsory and freestyle moves to music on a moving horse at either walk or canter. This is done individually, in pairs or in a squad. This fun sport for all ages promotes co-ordination, balance, physical health, self-esteem, the ability to work as a team member, lifelong friendship all linked by the overwhelming love and trust of a horse. It enhances ones balance and riding seat so horse riders benefit also. A truly amazing world-wide sport with teams and clubs operating in a vast variety of countries.

Vaulting is one of the most spectacular, and at the same time safest, of the equestrian sports. It is an ancient sport dating back to the Minoan period demonstrating flexibility and mobility whilst on horseback. This was particularly important when horses were widely used in conflicts (horses were active in war through to the end of WWII ).

Vaulting is one of the official international FEI sports and its competitions include World Championships every two years, European Championships in the alternate years and the World Equestrian Games which are held every

four years. In 1930's vaulting was also an Olympic discipline and has been demonstrated at the last two Olympics. Australia has been represented at each of the World and European championships since 1994.

For horse wellbeing and safety we use a barrel to train on. This allows vaulters to create, learn and practise new moves and routines. I can practise for as long as needed on my moves and combination of moves without injuring or upsetting the horse. Using the barrel every day helps my fitness, flexibility and strength to be able to hold the moves, land with control and be able to stay harmonious with my horse.

Some YouTube Links to watch !

You tube training in Scotland

Compulsories you tube

Freestyle you tube

Barrel Training you tube

Pas De Deux at the 2013 State Championships

Links to recent Competitions

Zac’s Compulsories Adelaide CVI 3* 

Zac’s freestyle Adelaide CVI 3* 

Zac’s Technical test Adelaide CVI 3* 

Zac and Mckeira Pairs Adelaide CVI Junior 2* 

Vaulting Web Site


Vaulting Contact – SA Vaulting Chair

Wendy Singlehurst 0448453140

Demonstrations can be arranged as well.

4 clubs in SA Quicksilver, PHEVA, Acacia Gold and Wilameka

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